Are Auction Lots Guaranteed Authentic?

We have the most iron-clad guarantee in the business, and the only LIFETIME GUARANTEE on ALL auction lots you win.  That's right ... we stand behind the decisions we make, and so everything we auction is guaranteed by US to be authentic and as described, and this guarantee is both fully-transferrable and lifetime.  The benefits of this are obvious to buyers, but the consignor wins too ... by placing OUR guarantee on YOUR items, we build consumer confidence, which helps your bottom line.  We are the only auction company that we know of that does this.

Is there a Buyer's Premium?
No.  There is NO BUYER'S PREMIUM.  Unlike all other online and brick-and-mortar auctions, we charge no fees to participate as a buyer.  We are the only auction house in the industry that has this policy.  What you bid is what you pay, plus shipping and wire/credit card/Paypal fees.  This not only benefits bidders, but also benefits consigners as well (see below).


Are there Reserve Prices?
No. There are
NO RESERVES, and gone are the days of opening bids that are close-to-retail.  All opening bid prices are very low, with no reserves.  This encourages fierce bidding, but still allows bidders to win an occasional bargain victory when the hammer falls.  As a consigner, you are protected by our winning-strategy especially if you consign a large collection.  While the hammer price may be low on one or two items, other items will exceed your expectations due to the fierce competition that occurs within some lots.

Can I post Your Photos on a forum for discussion?
Certainly.  As long as you credit our website as the owner of the photo (Craig Gottlieb Militaria Auctions), you may post photos for discussion and review by other collectors and colleagues.  We usually have all lots posted at least 4 weeks prior to an auction, so there is plenty of time to perform research.

How do I Register and Bid?
Bidding is easy, just register ONCE by clicking here.  You DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER FOR EACH AUCTION! Credit card info is not required to register or bid.  After you register, you will be able to bid on anything in our online catalog using our user-friendly automated bidding system, complete with outbid notices, a user-friendly check-out system, and more.  If you have any questions, we are just a phone call away.  Please note: If you would like to submit a phone bid, we can help you set up an account and can bid on your behalf.  Just call 858-350-6700. NOTE: phone bids will NOT be accepted within the last 24 hours of the auction, so please plan ahead.


How does Bidding Work?
We use a Proxy system that mimics your behavior at a live auction automatically.  When you submit a bid, enter the highest amount you are willing to pay.  Our automated system will bid on your behalf, using your maximum bid as a stopping point.  If another bidder places the same maximum bid or higher, the system will automatically notify you so you can place another bid.  Here's an example of how this works:

  1. The current bid for an item is $1000. Tom is the high bidder, and has placed a maximum bid of $1200 on the item. His maximum bid is kept confidential from other members.

  2. John views the item and places a maximum bid of $1500. John becomes the high bidder.

  3. Tom’s bid is incremented to his maximum of $1200. John’s bid is now $1250, and his maximum bid of $1500 is kept secret.

  4. Tom receives an automated email that he has been outbid. If he doesn’t raise his maximum bid, John wins the item for $1250, not his high bid of $1500.

Once you are logged into your account and are viewing the lot you wish to bid on, scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Enter your maximum bid (the most you are willing to pay for the item).  Then click "Review Bid."  Make sure the bid amount is correct, and then ckick "submit bid."  You will receive a bid confirmation notice via email.  Please check your spam folder.  If you did not receive an email, the bid has not been placed correctly... please check your bids under MY ACCOUNT to verify that your bid went through.

What about Sniping?

Sniping occurs in many online auctions when a bidder waits until the very last second and sneaks a bid in just before the hammer falls.  In order to mimic a live auction, our system automatically extends the bidding period to 5 minutes, if a bid is made within the last 5 minutes of an auction.  So if someone places a bid with 1 minute remaining, the clock is reset to 5 minutes.

Are my bids secret?

Yes.  While administrators can see who is bidding on an auction lot, the bid list is not public, and neither is your maximum bid.  Furthermore, even the administrators cannot see your individual bid amount or your maximum bid.  Only you know the amount of your bid.

Should I bid early or wait until the end of an auction?

In a bidding war where the top two bids are tied, the win goes to the earliest bidder.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you put your bids in early.  This will ensure you are in the first position, and you don't lose an item because someone placed their bid earlier than you did.  Bidding times are Pacific Standard Time.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa and Mastercard, Paypal, checks and money orders.  We do not accept cash.  If you win a lot, we will contact you after the auction to arrange payment.  Want to bid on an item, but can't afford to pay for it all at once?  Read the next question.

Do you accept Layaways on Auction Lots?

Yes we do!  We are the only auction company in the business that allows layaways, WITH PRIOR ARRANGEMENT.  If you win a lot and wish to put the item on layaway, please be prepared to pay 1/3 down immediately, with the next payment due in 30 days and the balance paid off no later than 60 days after auction close.  Any items on an approved layaway will have to have this first payment made within one week of auction close, or the items on that invoice will be offered to the next bidder.

What About Firearms?
At Craig Gottlieb Militaria Auctions, we are fully licensed to sell firearms - even Machineguns.  So as long as a firearm you are interested in is legal in the city and state where you live, you may bid on any firearm up for auction.  If you hold a Curio and Relic license, we can ship directly to you.  If you do not, we will ship to a local gun dealer of your choice for follow-on transfer to you.  Please familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations for acquiring any firearm in your city and state before placing your bids.

We do not make money off of our shipping program.  To keep things simple, the shipping cost has been determined in advance, and insurance and packaging materials for all items are included in this amount.  You can see the shipping cost for each item in each listing.  The estimates are usually dead-on for the individual items, but once several items are combined, and the actual destination of the package is determined, there will usually be adjustments - downward.  Any exceptionally large items, heavy items, or items that require special handling at the request of the buyer, (example: 6 heavy hardcover books and one wine glass going internationally) will have to be processed on an individual basis.  Please keep this in mind when bidding.  We're reasonable and will work with you if you have a large number of winning bids and the shipping cost starts adding up.

I live outside the US.  Can I bid on Firearms?
We are set up to export guns to your country, as long as you can obtain a license to own a particular firearm in that country (we cannot, for example, ship to England).  Export costs are significant (one export license and shipping can cost hundreds of dollars), so please inquire prior to bidding and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.  Please note: if you are a foreigner wishing to bid on a firearm, you must pay for your firearm within 7 days of auction close.  Failure to obtain an import license will not entitle you to a refund, so please know your local laws BEFORE you bid.

What about Returns?
We hope you like what you win, but if you don't, you can return anything.  If you receive an auction lot and you are not satisfied with it or unhappy for any reason, you may return it for a full refund, less postage and fees. Unless otherwise agreed upon, returns must be post-marked within 7 days of receipt, but please let us know as soon as possible if you intend to return something. Of course, if an item is not authentic, the return period remains permanently open forever.  Please note: those who fail to complete their purchase may incur a 20% restocking fee on the full purchase price of their auction lots.  Any items on extended layaway, or those items that have not been paid off within 120 days, may incur excess charges, on a case-by-case basis, as the consignor for your artifacts will have long since been paid.



Why Choose CGM Auctions?

We have the best photography, the most effective advertising campaign, a huge mailing list, and the most user-friendly website in the industry.  We also have a unique strategy that gives consigners exactly what they want: outstanding overall returns, while at the same time giving bidders what they want: the chance to win something at a competitive price. 

Strategic Marketing
If you have a large collection, we put our knowledge of the market to work for you by designing a market basket of artifacts from your collection that are currently in-demand, and most likely to generate results for your bottom line.  Or, if you have just one important consignment, we can tailor our advertising and customer outreach to increase visibility of your property.

How Do I Consign?
While many items in our auction are owned by CGM and drawn from our latest inventory, we do accept single pieces and entire collections on consignent.  Consignments are strictly screened for quality and originality.  If the item would not appear on our retail website, it will not be accepted for auction.  For more details click here.

Is There a Seller's Premium?

Yes.  The dirty little secret in the auction business is that consigners not only pay the seller's premium, but they effectively shoulder the burden of the buyer's premium as well.  How?  Because a buyer, knowing he's facing a fee after the hammer falls, simply reduces his bid by that fee.  So the seller premium is like a "hidden tax" - it comes out of your pocket as the consigner as well!  That's not fair.  So we charge a flat 20% seller premium on all lots, and sometimes 15% for large collections or special artifacts.  The result is that hammer prices go up, making each sales lot more profitable to you - the consigner. 

Are My Consignments Protected against Loss, Damage and Theft?
Yes.  We carry full insurance from Collectors Insurance Agency, and we accept all responsibility for your artifacts until they are sold and you are paid, or until they are returned to you.  To learn more about shipping and inventory-tracking, click here.

How Long Does it take to get Paid?
We start the process of paying off all consigners 30 days after the close of an auction cycle.  (All items have to be delivered before payouts can be processed) Please allow 2-4 weeks for your payment to arrive after this 30-day period has passed.

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